Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yosemite National Park!! Felix D´Haenens - Belgium

    The Yosemite … second largest natural park in the entire world ( if I remember well). To go there, we went through the Californian valleys. Those bumpy prairies of burnt grass with windmills. Burnt by the hard sun. Those prairies gave the nickname of California : " the Golden State ". It is so beautiful, it really look golden. Then we arrived in the mountains, closer and closer from the Yosemite. Everything is green, the road is along the cliff and curving like a snake on the flank of the mountains. Like if the landscape didn't take our breath already, here are the waterfalls. Those huge, gorgeous, magical waterfalls. Everything is so beautiful, smell so good, feel so good, everything is pure. Down one of the cliffs, we swam in a VERY cold river. But with this view … I felt like in a dream. And then, surprise, a deer come to us. This deer was eating the grass at 20 feet from us, not even 20 feet. The was another magical moment.
In a few words, this day was magnificently breath taking. A show of perfection produced by Mother Nature, an unforgettable beauty.
Felix D´Haenens - Belgium

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