Tuesday, June 18, 2013

San Francisco!

    An early start to a busy day! Rise and shine at 7am for breakfast and an early bus departure at 8am. We arrived at Alcatraz at around 8:45am! All students battled it out to see who got to go on the first Alcatraz tour with Debora and Leticia! While the first group was in prison, the second group had free time to shop on Pier 39. The starving exchange students then descended on to Hard Rock Café at around 12 for a delicious and unhealthy lunch. lol After lunch, group 2 went to prison while the first group had free time to shop on Pier 39. Once the groups were reunited, some of us made new friends with other exchange students from a different tour group. We were all excited to finally be able to see the Golden Gate Bridge but it was nowhere to be found. It was really foggy so you could barely see the bridge, unfortunetly! The only to see the bridge was to have it 2 inches in front of your face! FINALLY we had dinner at a Chinese Restaurant in China Town. It was rather entertaining to see Debora agree with the small Chinese lady but had no idea what this lady was saying! lol

Therese Jordaan (South Africa) and Julia Bock (Germany)

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