Saturday, June 15, 2013


    This morning started a bit later (thank goodness) with us heading out at 9. We thought we were heading straight to Hollywood, but we had a surprise stop thanks to our bus driver Antonio, who let us stop at the Olympic coliseum where they had the summer Olympics a few years ago!
    Then we were dropped at Hollywood boulevard! Where we walked the walk of fame. There were heaps of souvenir shops and people dressed up as characters. We bought a few nicknaks, and then went to the real shops where we got a couple of small things too. Some people also chose to go to the 'Madame Tusauds' wax museum.
    After this we met at the bus and went to a huge food market for a couple of hours. We chose our choice of lunch, and the brazilians were all super happy because there was a Brazilian buffet, and they hand eaten brazilian food for almost a year now!
    Just as we were about to leave, we had to do our 'banana' thing.. Let me explain this a bit. Basically who ever does the most stupid thing during the day gets dobbed in to the group, and we vote. Then this person has to wear a giant pacifier (dummy) around
    Their neck for the next 24 hours. However with this comes the power of choosing where we banana! Anywhere we are as a group, if this person yells 'banana' everyone has to fall to the ground screaming and waving their hands and legs in the air.
    So today we did this outside the food market and blew a few people's minds, and a few people took photos. Then we just got up and left.
    After this we went to Beverly Hills! We spent awhile walking around rodeo drive, taking photos and being too self conscious to even go into shops, one where we were told sell shoes for $100,000!
    We then headed to the Griffith observatory where we had a gorgeous view of the Hollywood sign and the city of LA! Unfortunately some of the cameras weren't capable of reducing the glare enough to see the sign in any photos, so hopefully we can steal the photos from someone with a good camera.
    Here we also filmed our 'run through' where we all do something running in front of the camera, to go on the trip DVD.
    We then had a bus party with some pretty crazy music on the way to dinner, where we are at buffet with after we finished eating a lot of people started playing the cup song. One is okay but 50 screaming foreigners in an enclosed face making music on a table, insane! We had a random table of Americans in our room too, and they had a good sense of humour which was pretty lucky because they danced to our 'music' and laughed. They had so many 'happy graduation' balloons, and when we asked it turned out the guy was only graduating from 8th grade haha.
    After heading back to the hotel we had some free time which many people used for going to the pool, and others for packing as we are on the move again tomorrow - San Francisco here we come!

Love Caitlin! (New Zealand)


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  1. Great photos! Looks like everyone is having a great time!!

    Eileen Tepatti, Springfield, IL