Monday, June 17, 2013

Our great life over here! - Ruben Jerves

    Saturday. An incredible day started for us in Angeles still. We went to the beautiful beach of Santa Monica on the morning, doing all kind of beach things there, such as laying down in the sand, playing soccer, playing volleyball, walking on the beach, and all that stuff. After having a morning on the beach we all started getting hungry so we ate lunch. So the last minute plan that came up for as was going back to Santa Monica beach on the pear, were we all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in the beach and the pear. We got into the buss and went traveling for four hours with most of us exhausted of the day we had. In our way we stopped to eat dinner and then we went to the hotel and that is how our day end up. Sweet dreams and to get energy for the next day.

    Early in the morning we head out of the hotel half way to San Francisco, around 9 am( well let's say early). On our way I couldn't believe how much energy the buss had with most of the students singing and dancing and having fun. Arriving our first destination on Monterrey pear we got to see sea lions and a very interesting and touristic pear, we ate lunch there and then we went to get some of a beach day on the beach on Monterrey and Santa Barbara, having a really nice day and getting frozen with the water but having so much fun. After an afternoon on the beach we traveled trough San Francisco. Arriving to the hotel, 15 miles away of the city, early on the evening. And then we had dinner on the hotel and after that our buss driver Antonio gave us an incredible surprise totally out of plans. He took us to see the city of San Francisco on the night from a place to see the city on a perfect angle. And finally we went back to the hotel and to sleep. 
Chau!! A lot of greetings, Ruben!!


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