Thursday, June 27, 2013

End of the Trip!

WEST and EAST COAST 2013 trips have ended! It was an awesome experience! We could visit amazing places, learn about history and tourism and discover a total new side of the United States! Most of all, we have made the biggest friends! Terra North America would like to thank all the students, chaperones, monitors, drivers and suppliers for those incredible trips! We really hope you have enjoyed every minute and built great memories!
Terra North America Team.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bye bye... see you all around!

Thank you for an amazing trip guys!!!

Hope you all had fun!

See you in our next adventure!

And remember: "It's a small world, after all!"


Débora and Leticia!
Terra North America

Sunday, June 23, 2013

San Diego!!!

Good Evening everyone!

    What an amazing day we had! In the morning we went to Sea World San Diego! We got-up close to Beluga whales, polar bears and penguins! We also saw the Shamu  and the Dolphins show, had plenty of fun at Manta roller coaster and got totally wet at Atlantis water ride!  
In the afternoon we went to an Outlet mall, where all of us made a loooot of shopping!

    Well, all I have to say is that the "kids" are having a blast over here, and for sure they will remember this trip for the rest of their lifes! 

    Tomorrow early in the morning we will visit San Diego Zoo, and right after we will "hit the road" back to Los Angeles, where we will have our farewell party with the Bus 1.

    Unfortunetly our trip is at the end... and I´ll miss all you guys a lot! :) Bill and Linda: THANKS THANKS THANKS a LOT for helping us to take care of the kids! You were awesome!! Leticia, you helped me sooo much that I can´t even know how to thank you! And Exchange students of bus 2: YOU ROCK!!

    Tomorrow we will write our last news of this amazing trip, and the next day everyone gets back to their host Families! 

Hope to see you guys soon,


Débora Labarrère
General Coordinator - Bus 2
Terra North América

San Diego - Talent Show!

    Today we left Arizona really early because we had a long ride back to California to make it to San Diego. We spent 8 hours on the bus but got entertained by 2 movies and also slept a lot.
    On our way to San Diego we had lunch at a buffet restaurant since we missed it so much, after we had dinner there just a few days before. Even better was that we could watch the soccer game between Brazil and Italy. To the delight of all the Brazilians the game ended 4-2 for the host team.
    After lunch we had some couple of hours on the bus until we arrived in San Diego. There we had some free time at the hotel, in which some of us prepared for the Talent Show and others went to the swimming pool, etc.
    For dinner we had pizza and then it was time for the Talent Show. In total there were 16 performances: some of them included people singing, dancing, playing the piano, etc. We had lots of fun seeing everyone performing and discovering the talents of the others.
    To finish a really nice night, we danced and sang a lot but then we had to end our little party and talked a lot J We stayed until midnight to say happy birthday to Henrike who is turning 17 and we hope she will have a fun day with us and will always remember that!
Now it’s time to sleep… Gute Nacht – Buenas Noches!
Marie (Germany)& Ailén (Argentina)