Friday, June 14, 2013

HERE WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOS ANGELES!!!

Hello guys! This is the first post of the West Coast Trip 2013!!! This is Renan from Brazil, and Emi from Ecuador. We are writing about the first and second awesome days in L.A. – California!

Our bus  number 2 , obviously the best , is made of 50 exchange students from all over the world . Our first visit started at Disneyland and  California Adventure Park , where we spent all day together ,  doing fun stuff , like rides , roller coasters , shows , meeting characters  , and spending time together, it  has been a lot of fun .

As all of us know that Disneyland is the place where the dreams come true, and for all of us it really did. Fireworks, parades and shows made us see how you are never old enough to go to Disneyland, it was wonderful.
And on our second day we went to Universal Studios, and we saw behind the scenes how movies are produced, from special effects to settings where they recorded so many movies and TV shows have been seen by all of us. Besides all of that, rides, roller coasters and shows also were part of our awesome day!
This has been really exciting and entertaining even though we have are just in the beginning of our trip! We are pretty sure that we will have more fun days coming. :)
Best regards from Sunny Califórnia!


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